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Vemma gets taken down by the FTC

Pretty messed up IMO.

I don’t think the government should even be involoved with this kind of stuff. But apparently Vemma (first reported here) was taken down by the FTC on August 26, 2015.

The alleged reasons? Because they were marketing to college kids and they emphasized the money more than the product. More or less, that is what the statement was.

Here is the full statement from the FTC:


Again, why is the government even moderating this kinda stuff? What happened to being a free enterprise society? Look, I am no Vemma promoter and I also think that MLM is not the best business model in the world but why are we worrying about if something is a little “sketch” when we have China and other countries straight-up robbing us?

Riddle me that. Just my thoughts (hova voice)…

Anyways, I am over it. MLM is not for me…I think if you wanna dabble in a profit-share model (like My Advertising Pays) that is not a bad way to go, or if you’re interested in going the local business route, thats obviously not a bad route to go as well but as far as peddling products, I think there is a better and more sustainable look than multi-level-marketing companies selling overpriced products so people can make money off of their buddies “autoship”.

Just saying.

Again, I actually part sides with Vemma on this one, I don’t feel like they’ve done anything illegal, but I feel like people need to wake up and see the trends and realize that MLM is not the sustainable model that it used to be. I mean, you have real estate (where Utah is booming), finance, and other businesses that will always be around and that will always provide value to other people, but I just feel that peddling overpriced energy drinks is a rough way to go.


With the existing competition, success in business without an online presence is next to impossible. This is why almost every entrepreneur these days has at least a website or a blog to reach out to a wider audience and to increase sales. However, there is more to online strategy than merely having a website and sitting back waiting to get customers.

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How To Create A Successful Blog With Targeted Traffic?

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Is Dubli Network Worth Your Time?

If you hang out in the online marketing space you have likely heard about Dubli Network by now. A lot of experts have weighed in and written their analysis who have researched extensively about Dubli Network’s Team WUKAR and really point out some glaring problems and complaints about the system and concept as a whole.

So What’s this new company all about? Can it really help you generate income? Is it really a legitimate online shopping portal? To answer these questions, keep on reading. On this full review we want to enlighten you more about what the business opportunity brings, for you to make a more educated decision as to whether this is a good fit for you or not:

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My Advertising Pays

My Advertising Pays is a new advertising company that has over 16,000 people now.

It’s pretty crazy, because My Advertising Pays just started a few months ago (December, 2013)

The product: advertising packs, that you purchase for $50.

The opportunity: a profit-share model of all the advertising packs in the company…it averages daily returns of 1%-2%.

My experience with My Advertising Pays:

How to get started in My Advertising Pays:

Just follow these steps: Fund your STP account, Login to your MAP members area.

Click on the Purchase Credit Pack tab at the top of the page, then select Credit Packs from the sub-menu.

Then, select the number of Credit Packs you desire, click Preview> then click Buy Now with I-Payout. Login to your I-Payout eWallet to pay your invoice then select the Solid Trust Pay button under Payment Options at the bottom of the screen. You will then be automatically forwarded to Solid Trust Pay website.

And then you purchase.

After you purchase, click on 10 ads every day…and always remember:


Boom, you are done.

I believe that one defines oneself by reinvention. To not be like your parents. To not be like your friends. To be yourself. To cut yourself out of stone. -Henry Rollins

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FG Xpress Review

FG Xpress is based out of Orem, Utah and they are owned by Forever Green, a multi-million dollar wellness company.

So here is my FG Xpress review:

A new company is out that is breaking records, taking names and building a movement.

You guys ever heard of pain patches?

How about herbal patches?

Well, truthfully, a couple weeks ago I hadn’t heard of them, either. But turns out this is a huge industry…

the pain relief industry.

Cause worldwide (and espeicially in America), we have a problem of popping pills whenever something aches. But this is no bueno for the body. It’s bad for your blood flow as well.

So, the alternative?

Pain patches. As in, an FDA-approved pain patch from FG Xpress.

These pain patches are a big hit because it is something that most humans can relate to – and deal with. These pain patches are made from tons of natural herbs and packed with a bunch science that make them gimmick-free.


Because MLM already has a sketch name as it is, its nice to have a product that actually gives results. People are buying this product without even joining the opportunity. Now that is powerful stuff.

And you don’t have to do it the old fashioned way…you know, the bodyslam-your-Grandma-into-your-next-deal style.

Nah, just blog about it…make a few videos, and get passive sign-ups.


Empower Network Products

empower network screenshotYou see the image to the right?

Yeah, that’s me ranking #4 for “empower network” on Google.

And these Empower Network products? I make 100% commissions on them, when people like you buy them.

Sound kinda interesting? Keep reading…

You are probably curious like a cat (that’s why your friends call you whiskers) about the Empower Network products.

Even though I do promote some other products – My Advertising Pays comes to mind – I still consider Empower Network the best, long-term source to making money online.

The purpose of the portal is to provide you with balanced reviews about the Empower Network. I have dug deep into each aspect of the company. If you are looking for nebulous terms or “lead capture pages” that unlock a video, you won’t find that here.

I am just here to present the facts: do what you may with them.
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