My Advertising Pays

My Advertising Pays is a new advertising company that has over 16,000 people now.

It’s pretty crazy, because My Advertising Pays just started a few months ago (December, 2013)

The product: advertising packs, that you purchase for $50.

The opportunity: a profit-share model of all the advertising packs in the company…it averages daily returns of 1%-2%.

FG Xpress Review

ong>FG Xpress is based out of Orem, Utah and they are owned by Forever Green, a multi-million dollar wellness company.

So here is my FG Xpress review:

A new company is out that is breaking records, taking names and building a movement.

You guys ever heard of pain patches?

How about herbal patches?

Empower Network Products

empower network screenshotYou see the image to the right?

Yeah, that’s me ranking #4 for “empower network” on Google.

And these Empower Network products? I make 100% commissions on them, when people like you buy them.

Sound kinda interesting? Keep reading…

You are probably curious like a cat (that’s why your friends call you whiskers) about the Empower Network products.

Even though I do promote some other products – My Advertising Pays comes to mind – I still consider Empower Network the best, long-term source to making money online.